Soul Circle: A Free Virtual Gathering

Take a deep breath and close your eyes...

receive this invitation in your heart.


Allow the comfort of coming home to you- to your heart- begin to wash over you. Allow the energy of peace, connection and light soften your edges and bring you into a state of openness. Allow your breath to guide you forward into our circle together. You are meant to be here; you have been called.

Look to your left and then to your right and witness your sisters standing beside you. You are not alone. 

As you grasp hands and form the final link in the circle, you feel the deepening of connection. You sense the remembering of the old ways stirring within you. In the stillness, you hear your own inner wise woman say, "Welcome home, Priestess. You have traveled with and known the sisters that stand next to you in this sacred circle through lifetimes. You have been called together again so that you can support each other on this path. It is your time."


This is an invitation to invoke the power within. This is a calling to join together with other women To not only heal yourself but to Heal this earth.

The time is now. 



  • Receive guided messages and themes of focus from spirit

  • Tune into and listen to the voice of your own inner wise woman

  • Ground, clear and connect through energetic meditation and practices

  • Release what is no longer serving us

  • Share in our experiences together

  • Hold space for ourselves and our loved ones


Register here for upcoming Soul Circles: 

Check back soon for new dates! 


*Please note the gathering will be recorded so if you cannot attend, I will send you the replay afterwards