Soul Connection Mentoring

Transform anxiety, fear, and loneliness into empowerment, love and connectedness

Learn how to connect with your inner wise woman and know how to decipher her guidance into actionable steps

Renew your relationships and find deeper meaning in the everyday

Cultivate self-care rituals that supports a life that nourishes you on all levels

Heal and forgive the pain of the past so that you can step into the freedom of now

Connect with and feel rooted in your truth and purpose at a soul level 



What if I told you that all of this is not only possible for you but that it’s your birthright?


What if I told you that you're being called to do this work because the world needs you?


Everything you've experienced in your life- the ups and the downs- has brought you here because you're ready.


You are, in your deepest truth, a wise woman who has come here to do profound work as a mother, sister, priestess, healer, teacher, space holder and creator. You are here to step forward and claim your space, your sovereignty, your work, your rhythm, your voice. I am here to guide you through this process.

Take a deep breath and feel the activation of YES rising up inside of you as you read this truth.


"With her ability to reach the voice of the soul, Rachel has helped me discover my purpose.  With her gentle guidance I was able to heal a layer of blocks, find my voice, and clear the way to bring my passion to life! I am so grateful for Rachel’s healing talents and my new feelings of direction and aliveness." –Sami A. 


The 4 month Soul Connection program is a powerful and intimate journey into healing and releasing all that no longer serves you, so that you can finally step into being the powerful woman you came here to be. Using my energetic healing techniques, spiritual tools and intuitive wisdom, we will move into the core of who you are at your essence. Working with the essence of who you are as a soul allows for clearing and healing in the deepest of ways. This process will not only activate and set into motion the life you desire to live but will also help you understand and move from your place of purpose. You will be supported and guided every step of the way.


“Rachel has helped me heal old thought patterns and traumas from my childhood. As well as showing me how to be in my body, to stay in the moment, and what to do with that moment if it becomes (what I used to have thought was) “too much” to handle.” –Alyssa A.


Because I work in the realm of energy and spirit (which is ever changing) and because each person I work with is unique, the content for each healing session and mentorship call is based off of what your energy and soul call forward to be worked on. This means that each session with me is custom tailored to meet you where you are and to elevate you into the next best step on your path.


What’s included in the 4 month Soul Connection program:


EIGHT 55 minute mentorship calls 

These calls are the core of our work together. Here is where we will tap into the intuitive guidance that’s coming forward for you and use it as a map into the areas you are ready to heal and release. You will be led through different healing processes and tools to transform your energy, letting go of old patterns, belief systems and wounds. These calls go deep but the end result is complete clarity, renewal and inspired action.


FOUR remote energy healing sessions

These transformational sessions will support your healing on all levels of your being: the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Working remotely from my healing space, I tune into your soul essence and support it through expanding, releasing, and healing your chakras and energy field. These sessions assist in creating space within you to support moving forward with a sense of freedom and openness. The intuitive guidance that comes through each of these sessions will act as a map to your healing journey and guide us in our calls together.


EIGHT soul play notes

After each mentorship call, you'll receive a soul note that highlights the spiritual tools you were invited to play with in our session together. This is where you step into your power and start integrating the work you’ve been doing into your day-to-day life. Creating lasting change takes inspired action, and this is where you will start making that happen. 


TWO recorded guided meditations

You will receive my ‘Ground, Clear, Connect’ and ‘Meet Your Inner Wise Woman’ guided meditations as tools to assist you during our time together and beyond.


Unlimited email support

This offering allows me to hold the container for your growth and transformation in between sessions. You can expect shifts, changes and lots of ah-ha moments from our work together and I want to be there to support you through it. You can email me with your questions and your celebrations and I will be there holding space for it all


If reading this stirs a YES in your heart and you feel ready to explore working together, please click here to schedule your FREE 30 minute chat with me.